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Updated: 08-24-2014


Welcome to KARS Unlimited

Scott & Anna Shapiro

Collectible Phonecards & SVCs

Remember Visa Cash and Mondex Cash Cards?
By the 3rd quarter of 2013, US credit card companies are supposed to replace their familiar magnetic strip credit cards with chip embedded (contact and contactless) crtedit cards. These are already in place in the rest of the world (that's why your credit card won't work in Europe) and look a lot like the Cash cards that made their debut back in 1994 (Cancun card, Asia-Pacific set). Collectors always look for the "originals" and this may be the boost we are looking for in re-igniting the collector market for SVCs.



CardTech/SecurTech '97 Visa Cash

Happy Birthday to Rose Margaret (July 3, 1983)

Alaska 150u Flag Phonecard

Why are Phonecards & Stored Value Cards collectible?

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