July 7, 2013


A Special Announcement

KARS Unlimited is experiencing some computer issues. Since Anna and I run the business completely ourselves, including managing our Web site, we are at the mercy of new technology. Unfortunately, the programs we started the Web site with are no longer supported. We just lost the computer that was still able to work with the site. Yes, we found an old, old laptop that can still do some of the work, but it will take some time to scan new cards, update Web pages and just work things out.


In the meantime,


KARS Unlimited is still in business


Our contact info is still the same, the deals are still the same and we are still the same (only trying to learn new computer stuff). Thanks for your understanding and your support,

Scott & Anna Shapiro


order line (USA only) (800) 750-3506
talk line (352) 365-0229
fax line (352) 365-6323



Please send messages so we will know how much interest there really is out there!


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